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2010: A year to remember for Safestyle UK

Part of Safestyle's new fleet of artic lorries2010 is almost at an end and it has proved to be a challenging year with new changes to process, products and people at every turn. Each and every one has been for the better, improving our double glazing products and our workforce, we are still evolving and at a faster pace than our competitors. The hard work completed this year making the difficult decisions will put us in good stead for 2011 to face new challenges head on. We are now emerging from our chrysalis ready to spread our wings.

The production performance is improving, gradually producing some impressive stats. To get waste under control we have embarked on rolling out our waste management training to the site. Glass factory will be the main focus first to try and reduce the amount of cullet losses. We are also concentrating on our glass equipment/machines to make them the best they can be, to prevent expensive rejects. With commodity costs showing no sign of slowing down, reducing our waste is vital to our survival.

The first door jig is back on site after its refurbishment, so we have two jigs doing composite doors. This is an asset as composite door sales are increasing. Production has now set up a small department to manufacture the new astragal bar windows to a high standard at an efficient rate.

Proud to be part of SafestyleAs the re-cycling centre at Barnsley celebrated its first full year of operation, we have recycled: Over 30K of hardware and consumables for re-use, 1350 tons of PCW plastic, 700 tons of PCW glass, 33 tons of PCW bead, 22 tons of scrap metals, 285 tons of virgin plastic off cuts, and 60 tons of polythene and cardboard.

We have trained Depot Managers, Shift Managers and their deputies in Health & Safety and they are now IOSH qualified. Supply Chain and operatives have been trained as crane operators, our Engineers have had additional technical training by our machine manufacturers from Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy & UK. And to top it all off, for yet another consecutive year, we won the coveted British Safety Council International Safety Award.

This year has been the busiest ever, in terms of projects delivered and improvements made. Thanks to everyone who has either been directly involved in delivering the improvements/projects or working alongside or in the background, to make all of them all a success. We have been like Swans gliding along gracefully, but below the surface our legs are paddling furiously to keep forging ahead.

The introduction of the new energy saving products and upgrades to the current ones means that we have "future-proofed" our products to a certain extent. That does not however mean we can rest on our laurels as 2011 will be a much tougher year with us having to work even harder to just stand still. Legislation is always changing and our customers ever more demanding - and rightly so - because replacing windows and doors is a big commitment and investment in these difficult times and our job is to ensure we not only meet the legislative requirements and customer demands, but exceed them. Making Safestyle UK the double glazing brand of choice.

"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" to one and all!

22 December 2010

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