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2011 - an incredible year for Safestyle Manufacturing

What a year 2011 was for Safestyle UKChristmas! Already? Wow! How quickly this year seems to have past. It's usually the case that time seems to fly when you're having fun and being kept busy. It's this time of year when we should all reflect on the past 12 months, relishing from key successes and taking lessons from any failures.

This time last year we were will into the successful installation and transition to Super Spacer and manufacture of an 'A' rated window. This year sees us undergo an even bigger change. A change of profile suite. Whilst this is no small feat we're confident that we all, as a team, will manage the change process with the same success that we all did previously. This won't be easy and we must ensure we are communicating well, through all departments, and working towards the same common goal.

Next year will see the rollout out new software, which has some great advantages. Server virtualisation, a document control system and further software upgrades also planned for the earlier part of next year.

2011 is almost over and everyone is looking forward to a well earned rest over the Christmas holidays. This time last year we were contemplating how difficult 2011 was going to be for all businesses. Now we all find ourselves facing an even more uncertain 2012. We managed to achieve great things in 2011 even though it was the worst economical period we have known. What we have to do now is be even more tenacious to ensure we continue the momentum through next year.

Sales have lead the way by managing to pull rabbits out of the hats in these difficult times. We now have to follow their lead and delivery our side of the partnership by further improving customer service, overall quality improvements, reducing material waste while improving output performance.

The start of the New Year will be to complete the double glazing profile project, launching the new and improved A-rated Eco Diamond Window, followed by the installation of the new glass Arrissor machine in February. It is essential we bring both these projects in on time without incurring extra costs to put us in a good position to start the year.

Through in-house Health & Safety campaigns and working with our people we have increased our overall Health & Safety awareness, improved our site safety record and reduced our accident rate by nearly 50% year to date. And to top it all off we have again won the coveted British Safety Council, International Safety Award with Merit.

Through our innovation and with assistance from Installation Depots we have recycled 2330 tons of post consumer waste of which some used to go to landfill. All these activities contribute to reducing overheads for the Safestyle Group and promote a "greener business".

We have carried out several major overhauls and in-depth servicing on our production machinery, commissioned new glass machinery and modified most of the PVC factory machines ready for the profile changeover, whilst still maintaining engineering support to production.

So as 2011 nears its end and looking back, it has been a challenging but successful and rewarding year all round, producing the very best energy saving windows and doors for families across England and Wales.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this magnificent effort, enjoy your break with your family and friends, and recharge your batteries ready for the difficult challenges we will face in the New Year.

Merry Christmas to you and your families, from Safestyle UK!

22 December 2011

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