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2011: The Year Ahead

The year ahead for Safestyle double glazingIf all the glazing industry predictions are right, this year will be a hard year for us all! However, with the launch of Safestyle’s fantastic new double glazing product ranges, we should have the right tools to continue to "buck the trend".

New for 2011:

The senior team at the Safestyle factory have several key objectives for 2011. Safety as always is our number one objective closely followed by quality. The continual drive to ensure we have robust systems in place to ensure that all our processes and procedures are clearly documented and well trained out to the troops. Visual indicators and prompts in place which are documented within the Internal Audit system, control plans with clearly defined performance metrics in place and working test methods which are validated and ensure all CTQ (Critical to Quality) requirements are met. Tracking any waste and prompting the functional heads to identify key projects to eradicate any failure modes within systems will be the key this year to our success.

This year will also see a massive focus on developing our suppliers, introducing scorecards with statistical data to measure CPs and CPKs (capability measures) will give us both the confidence in the product and an early warning system if anything starts to drift out of control.

The newly-installed glass production lines are now well established and producing A-rated double glazed sealed units to an exceptional standard. Operators are now up to speed with the new equipment and output per head is steadily increasing.

At the factory we are well underway with a vast array of new projects predominantly based around improving quality, reducing waste and cutting the cost of labour per frame.

Commodity prices are continuing to rise, therefore material reconciliation and our war on waste is now more critical than ever, reducing waste wherever we can. As a team we know we can achieve this and by putting in the hard work now - embedding and monitoring new processes and sharing our knowledge – we can make this year our most successful yet.

7 April 2011

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