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Another month in Safestyle Manufacturing

A new TV ad being filmed at Safestyle ManufacturingTo accommodate the recent filming of a new Safestyle TV ad, part of the factory was transformed into a film set. The filming of the commercial was the cause of great interest and excitement, with many of the staff fascinated to see how commercials are filmed and just how much time and effort is spent getting them just right. Welcome to another new female face of Safestyle, Hannah Smith, who played the role of "Window Techie" as she put our window boffins through their paces during stringent weather and security testing of our windows and doors.

The Police MOE Team trying to break in through a standard Safestyle doorSpeaking of testing the latest glazing technology, during a recent demonstration by various Police MOE (Method Of Entry) teams down at MILA, we took the opportunity to offer several of our Safestyle doors to see how well they performed. The professional equipment these guys carry is absolutely amazing, real boy's toys! They had the full range of battering rams from the 18kg Enforcer to the 60kg two-person ram, and various ranges of hydraulic rams and jacks, along with biggest "Hooley" bar we have ever seen, it must have been 4ft long with a huge spike on the end.

The MOE guys tested a full range of doors from various manufacturers, some of which lasted 30 seconds, with the best at 16 minutes (ours) and these were just standard double glazed production doors with nothing extra fitted for the testing - very impressive! The comment from the MOE team was that the Safestyle doors were the best doors they had come across, so much so they were actually concerned they might be too secure, from their perspective. So when it comes to double glazing and security, Safestyle are the standard to beat!

29 September 2009

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