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Global issues and increasing commodity prices affecting industry

Safestyle Manufacturing on top of our gameWhere did quarter one go! With no end in sight to the ever-increasing rise in commodities we have to significantly raise our game just to stand still! The list of global issues that continually affect the economic climate is growing every month, if it’s not oil its steel, if it’s not steel it’s resin – and the latest one is BASA (British Adhesives and Sealants Association), or hot melt to you and me!

We need to be on top of our game, measuring everything, because if it’s not measured it’s not managed – remember the old saying? Well it’s never been more true or needed than it is now. We have continued the roll out of our SPC program (Statistical Process Control) to include sealant depth, overall unit thickness, spacer bar dimensions along with the huge list of data collection we already have in place.

The strength of introducing this type of control cannot be underestimated, because an additional 1mm in sealant depth would cost the business circa £20K per annum! and this is just one example. We currently have around a dozen of these metrics in place and once we have completed a capability map of the site I am sure we will have significantly more to add.

With commodity prices increasing every month the WoW (War On Waste) remains the number one objective at our site after Health & Safety. Statistics reveal that 41% of all accidents in the glass industry are generally directly connected to glass handling. If that statistic leaves you cold then let’s hope it will never happen to you because in the flat glass industry more than half of the serious “over 3 day” injuries are as a consequence of glass handling accidents. It is an amazing statistic especially when one considers the extensive availability of PPE.

Here at Safestyle Manufacturing our statistics are far better, during the first quarter of this year only 18% of accidents onsite where attributable to the glass factory compared to 38% for the same period in 2010, and these where all of a minor nature. We continue with our campaign for the correct selection, use and wearing of PPE, through consultation and regular audits both from internal and external auditors, the results speak for themselves.

Internal quality (especially around glass) is where we are concentrating our resources. Adjusting operations to absorb the increase in volumes, although challenging, have gone well and this proves that we can and will flex accordingly to meet customer demands. The increased volume of Composite Doors and Astragal Bar orders is good news, with operations improving the double glazing manufacturing process to accommodate the expected extra sales. Projects, training and development of our people continues in earnest to ensure we are prepared for future eventualities whatever shape the may be.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

18 May 2011

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