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Improving efficiency and quality at Safestyle

Quality improvements at Safestyle ManufacturingWaste not, want not! We've arrived into the window season at last and we are all well aware of the tough months ahead, but we must remain focused. Waste is still in the spotlight as we continue to make good progress using our Six Sigma training, with every aspect of waste being investigated and addressed, and the whole of our manufacturing facility supporting this. We are looking to make some significant savings to offset the impact of increased commodity prices (such as Zinc, Steel, Resin and Lead), and truly understanding all our wastes is one of the key areas that will help achieve this.

We've had new people join our team who are bringing with them a wealth of knowledge. Our campaign to improve all aspects in the glass factory continues with small gains being achieved week on week. Big gains have been made in the deco department which give flexibility with peak deco volumes, but without the previous costs incurred. Our improved composite door range is also making an impact.

At Safestyle Manufacturing we're always looking to set new standards in terms of quality and performance, with "Quality" being the key word - quality operatives producing a quality product to enable us to provide a quality service to the installations branches, who in turn deliver quality energy saving double glazing to our customers nationwide. We know that we can continually improve the quality of everything we do and the best advertisement is a good product!

26 October 2009

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