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Manufacturing Safestyle windows

Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics is the nation's leading Super-fabricator of high quality double glazed PVCu windows and doors.

Safestyle UK's hi-tech manufacturing solutionsWe have never stood still in our quest to improve our strong position in the double glazing industry, and to date we have invested more than £6.5 million in state-of-the-art production facilities. This includes 2.5 million in special glass toughening and processing machinery installed by the world's leading experts from Finland and Austria, giving us powerful self-sufficiency.

As well as producing double glazing products that help improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings throughout the nation, we are committed to improving our environmental performance and minimising our impact on the environment. We are constantly looking to improve in all areas of our operations,Computer controlled high-precision glass cutting machinery including resource and energy conservation, recycling and reduction of waste.

The raw material for PVCu products is actually crude oil, a by-product of oil production that would otherwise go to waste. Our manufacturing process is extremely precise and efficient, producing very little waste, with any wastage 100% recyclable and re-used. In addition, we do not use any form of glue or solvents that can give off harmful gases, and the very minimum of packaging which can also be recycled.

Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics manufactures windows and doors which use Pilkington Glass Low-E energy-saving technology. This is long-lasting and guaranteed for ten years, which means it does not need to be replaced often. Safestyle also Safestyle's in-house glass toughening machineryrecycles the windows and doors it replaces. Last year we recycled approximately 100 tonnes of PVCu, 700 tonnes of glass, 500 tonnes of aluminium, and 28 tonnes of timber.

We are committed to producing the best quality energy saving products and reducing environmental impact.

For more insight into our manufacturing process click here.

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Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics, the UK's leading Super-fabricator of high quality, energy saving PVCu double glazing windows and doors
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