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News from Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics

Welcome to our Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics website! Here you'll find all the latest news and goings on for the nation's leading double glazed window and door manufacturer.

Our double glazing manufacturing facilities run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and with over 600 employees and millions of pounds worth of investment, there's sure to be plenty happening in and around Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics.

Whilst we are constantly busy providing the nation's best energy saving double glazing, there's a lot more that happens! Check back here every so often to see what's currently going on, and if you have any Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics news you want to announce, or indeed any comments or suggestions on improving our website, then please contact us.

You can also read previous news and press releases in our archive below.

Safestyle volumes due to rise again in the New Year (29th November 2012)
Safestyle's best year yet: aiming to finish on a high (26th October 2012)
Olympian inspiration at Safestyle Manufacturing (10th September 2012)
More Safestyle challenges and achievements in July (30th July 2012)
Overcoming hurdles, going for gold! (22nd June 2012)
Manufacturing and efficiency improvements (30 May 2012)
More windows and doors from award-winning Safestyle! (19 April 2012)
Safestyle Manufacturing boosted in 2012 (21 March 2012)
Making the Most of Your Home's Unique Attributes (7 March 2012)
Safestyle's manufacturing boom (2 March 2012)
Your Windows Don't have to Shake, Rattle and Roll (16 February 2012)
Safestyle Moves from Strength to Strength (14 February 2012)
2011 - an incredible year for Safestyle Manufacturing (22 December 2011)
Safestyle sales and manufacturing continue to be strong (23 November 2011)
The economy and rising commodity prices (26 July 2011)
Summer Solstice at Safestyle Manufacturing (24 June 2011)
Software upgrades, performance improvements and awards (27 May 2011)
Global issues and increasing commodity prices affecting industry (18 May 2011)
2011: The Year Ahead (7 April 2011)
2010: A year to remember for Safestyle UK (22 December 2010)
Safestyle's relentless advances in glazing technology (7 September 2010)
Safestyle product developments and evolution (28 April 2010)
What a year for Safestyle Manufacturing! (22 December 2009)
Improving efficiency and quality at Safestyle (26 October 2009)
Another month in Safestyle Manufacturing (29 September 2009)
Safestyle Window Man storms the factory (26 August 2009)
Safestyle opens the door to sustainable, profitable growth (30 July 2009)
The latest news from Safestyle Manufacturing (24 July 2009)
A Clearer Brighter Future for Windowstyle (18 March 2007)
£500,000 Revamp Secures 130 More Jobs for Windowstyle (9 February 2007)
Windowstyle Kits Out Young Sports Stars (27 September 2006)
Style-ish Golfers Raise 500 for CFSN Charity (26 September 2006)
Windowstyle Supports Barnsley Mini Soccer (25 July 2006)
Style Group Supports New Cancer Support HQ (29 June 2006)
Win a Windowstyle Mini-bus for Your School (5 May 2006)
New Lorries to Follow in Safe Style (21 January 2006)
Style-ish Windows Reflect Record Profit Growth (28 July 2005)

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