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Olympian inspiration at Safestyle Manufacturing

Olympian inspiration at Safestyle ManufacturingThe week-long 'Kaizen Event' took place at the Safestyle Manufacturing factory during July, which was a great success and now we are reaping the benefits of the learnings as a result. Working in collaboration with the operators throughout that week we identified a number of issues where we are able to make improvements to quality.

This goes to prove that engaging and building relationships with our people is paramount to any changes. If we are truly committed to changing people's perceptions of quality and customer service we have to bring everyone along on the journey of change.

A cultural behavioural evolution of everyone at all levels is the way we chose to embed the quality ethos within our manufacturing process, to enable us to deliver impeccable customer service. Sustainability will only be achieved if everyone is involved and feels part of the team developing the changes together. Through coaching and mentoring and listening to the VOC (Voice of the Customer) we can improve quality within our manufacturing facility.

The challenges are great, it's really the start of a journey and it's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Like the Olympians have told and proved to us over the past two months: the secret is to train, train and continue to train, to deliver gold.

Watching the games simply had to make you feel proud! Team GB performed to the best of their abilities and surprised many of us with their achievements and no-one can ask for more than that! We now use this as our inspiration to make real and lasting changes. Changes which are behavioural, aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the operatives and Foremen, but most of all changes that are lasting and deliver real visible and measurable results!

On the health and safety front, statistics reveal that over 40% of all accidents in the glass industry generally are directly connected to glass handling. It is an amazing statistic especially when one considers the extensive availability of PPE. "PPE is defined in the regulations as all equipment which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him / her against one or more risks to his / her Health or Safety."

Here at the Safestyle Manufacturing, our statistics are far better: in the first half of this year only 14% of accidents on site where attributable to handling of glass compared to 18% for the same period in 2011 and 38% in 2010! We continue with our campaign for the correct selection, use and the wearing of PPE, through consultation and regular audits both from internal and external auditors, and the results speak for themselves.

Peter Margieson, our Asset Care and EHS Manager, has this advice: "Our message is this: know how to use, wear and look after your PPE. Understand the limitations of PPE, especially with regard to the level of protection afforded. Identify deficiencies, especially where the conditions or change in conditions mean the PPE is no longer adequate or effective."

Now that Summer (the two days we had) seems well and truly over, we have to say a big thanks to everyone for their hard work over the busy holiday period in ensuring excellent customer service as always. We still have numerous projects that are been worked on across the business and it is important we give these the time necessary to ensure we maintain and sustain the gains.

We have seen commodity increases in the main markets and it is important not only that we benchmark our suppliers accordingly across the business, but continue our focus on getting things right, first time, every time. By always looking to continually improve in what we do on a daily basis and communicate what we have done to improve to the relevant stakeholders will assist us to continue to grow in the market.

Keep an eye out for more Safestyle news.

10 September 2012

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