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The new quality glass scanner at Safestyle ManufacturingAt Safestyle Manufacturing we never stand still and our new projects are progressing well. We have introduced a new quality scanner within the glass factory on Line 1, which will help us from an internal point of view (reducing our waste) and external (helping our fitters and engineers complete more jobs) perspective. We are planning to install another new scanner on Line 2 in September, again to improve our performance and help our guys on-site. The new hi-tech scanners will identify any faults early on in the process and prevent any faulty pieces of glass being used. This glazing technology allows us to spot the seeds, bubbles and scratches which may ordinarily remain unseen, allowing us to manufacture and deliver better quality replacement double glazed windows and doors to our customers.

Hi-tech machinery to further improve the quality of Safestyle glazingThe transformation of the glass factory is now gaining more momentum. To further improve the quality of the glass throughout the handling and transportation processes, we have just completed the refurbishment of all our harp carts and sealed unit barrows (which are used to transport the glass), as well as colour-coordinating them to their respective storage location (each location has its floor painted a different colour). This improves synchronization at glazing and every sealed unit is now scanned to its own individual slot location on a specific barrow. The result is increased performance of the IG sealing lines and our glazing staff travelling less to locate sealed units to be glazed. Infrastructure changes such as these have allowed our people to take more pride in their working environment, which ultimately results in better quality products being produced.

On the engineering side, the glass tempering furnace has completed its bi-annual service by Uniglass field engineers, our own engineers and a team of operatives from the glass factory. Since the service has been completed we have seen a significant rise in glass quality and improved reliability.

The second door jig has been installed and is working alongside the first one, increasing capacity of the door line at the hanging stage. Doors are transported to glazing and glazed on a single side of the vertical glazing rig. The second side will now be commissioned and with a bead saw transported from the PVC factory and installed alongside the glazing rig, will complement this door glazing station in order to cater for the capacity from the door line.

Several other engineering projects are nearing completion which include the re-layout of the assembly area of our deco shop, repositioning of the hot melt and sealing tables for the insulated glass unit lines and re-layout of butt welding machines from the rapid saws.

As ever, technology is a rapidly-evolving field, and with the constant improvements at Safestyle, you can be sure that we never stand still in our goal to deliver the very best in energy saving glazing technology to our customers! Look out for some exciting new double glazing products, coming soon.

7 September 2010

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