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Safestyle Manufacturing boosted in 2012

Award-winning Safestyle Manufacturing boosted in 2012With the excellent news regarding Safestyle's increased sales figures, we've responded to the increased manufacturing volumes with additional labour sourced and a small voluntary night shift team introduced (from 27th February 2012) in both our Glass and PVC factories. This will ensure our key critical production constrained machines, such as the glass furnace and two PVC machine/cutting centres, are used continuously - thus maintaining WIP (Work In Progress) levels.

The new Glass Arrisor is now in and running, the project team have done an excellent job and we are already starting to see the improvements. The installation went extremely well and the first signs of improved cullet losses (glass wastage) are encouraging. There were few issues with toughened glass as a result of Safestyle returning back to using Pilkington glass, which we have overcome following the furnace service and the new Arrissor running to its full potential in March.

The Safestyle PVC factory is looking at further quality improvements, reducing operator errors in respect of the new profile. A large team is currently focusing on quality within our PVC factory, working with our operators to iron out any issues they still might have with the new profile and machine settings.

On the glazing side, we're at the first stage of the new improved glazing wedge, which is profile related and so clips firmly into place. This is designed to aid both the operational process within the factory and reduce the risk of breaking units both at glazing and during the final Installation. The first stage is for all sash profiles, the second stage which will follow shortly is for the outer frames.

On the back of the Duraflex project we identified several improvement opportunities, one of which was a modification/improvement to the Friction Stays (window hinges) - these will be delivered early next month and have a modified end cap which is profile-related and so clips into the profile to help stop any twisting which could occur. In addition we have added some Fersina Legs, which sound sexy but really they are a location lug that clips into the groove in the profile. This will support the hinge and help the fabricators in the factory locate the hinge easier, thus removing the need for the fitters to make any minor adjustments on-site. As a technical team the simpler we can make things the better, that's why the feedback we get is important. We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming to help us improve.

On the engineering side, February was a particularly busy but rewarding time as we continued to monitor and support the profile changeover. Further quality improvements were made on the cutting of PVC from the automatic saws and working with Production to improve the quality of tempered glass from the glass factory furnace. While these areas are settling down, our main focus during February was the installation and commissioning of compressed air equipment in the newly built compressor house, whilst supporting the installation of the Arrissor. The state of the art Arrissor chamfers the glass edges prior to be toughened in the furnace, this much improved and more efficient process also improves the quality of processed glass.

Now we have settled into the profile changeover with the introduction of the new Arrissor, our War on Waste (WoW) has never been as important. "Waste" means not only relating to materials but man hours, additional transport, requesting additional information, cancelling service calls, etc. This all takes up valuable time that could be better time completing value adding activities. It is vital that everyone at Safestyle continue to communicate as much as possible.

The HR department has been focused on recruitment this month and has successfully found several new starters to join our teams in Engineering and Supply Chain, and we have a new Administration Apprenticeship in the Remakes department supporting the Technical dept. We wish all the new starters every success in their new roles. We've also had management promotions with a new Production Shift Manager and Improvements Manager. Another well done goes to a couple of our apprentices who have completed their apprenticeship and secured permanent positions within Safestyle Manufacturing.

In addition, our HR function is working hard to support the factory through the current upgrades and improvements, by recruiting additional labour where necessary due to increased sales order volumes.

More next time, but until then you can now follow Safestyle on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

21 March 2012

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