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Safestyle Moves from Strength to Strength

Safestyle Moves from Strength to StrengthSafestyle Manufacturing and Logistics specialises in double-glazed products that are energy-efficient replacements for original doors and windows. We were founded in 1992 with a starting capital of 2,000. We installed more than 100 million worth of replacement doors in 2010, making us one of the largest manufacturers of doors and windows in the UK. In 2011 we broke our sales records and will strive this year to go one step further despite the gloomy current economic climate, with realistic and achievable targets to beat last year's record sales.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Yorkshire, where we use an environment-friendly manufacturing process. This facility is 18 acres in size and employs more than 600 staff members, making us the largest employer in Yorkshire. We work two shifts each day for six days a week. This provides a manufacturing capacity of 5,000 frames and 12,000 panes each week.

Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics continue to improve our manufacturing process, and have invested over 8 million in our production facilities as of 2012. This figure includes 2.5 million in equipment that was installed by experts from Austria and Finland. This equipment strengthens the glass, allowing us to perform this process in-house.

Safe Style manufacturing uses precision machinery that is controlled by a computer to cut the glass. This process reduces waste, thus conserving energy and other resources. The manufacturing process for Safe Style doors and windows uses Pilkington Glass Low-E technology. This process makes energy-efficient products that provide longevity, durability and functionality. This allows us to provide a 10-year, transferable guarantee on all of our products.

The frames of our products are made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This plastic is made from the waste products of the refining process for crude oil. The manufacturing process for PVC is highly efficient, and produces virtually no waste. We use the minimum amount of packaging, which can also be recycled. Our packaging does not contain solvents or glue, which can produce toxic gases.

Our manufacturing process begins by taking measurements of your house. Our equipment is able to bend the PVC frames precisely to any angle or curvature based on these measurements. We manufacture the glass to fit the frames, ensuring the best possible fit. We then remove the original doors or windows, and install the replacements into your house. Safestyle also recycles the windows and doors that we replace when installing new products. We recycled 700 tonnes of glass, 500 tonnes of aluminium, 100 tonnes of PVC and 28 tonnes of timber in 2010 and strive to increase these impressive figures year-on-year.

14 February 2012

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