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Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics products are manufactured to high and exacting standards, including British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemarks, as follows:Safestyle's many British Standards and Kitemark accreditations

  • British Standards Institution (BSI) standards held by Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics:
    BS EN 7412 - For plastic windows made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVCu), extruded hollow profiles, specification.
    BS EN 1279 - Glass in buildings, insulating glass units.
    BS EN 7950 High Security - Specification for enhanced security performance of casement and tilt/turn windows for domestic applications.
    BS EN 1303-6: Locking cylinder 6-pin Grade 6.
    BS EN ISO: 9001-2008 - Quality management systems.
    PAS-23 Composite Doors: General performance testing.
    PAS-24 Composite Doors: Enhanced security testing.
    ISO 10002:2004 Quality Management - Customer Satisfaction: Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations.
  • BSI Safety Glass Standards:
    BS EN 12150-1:2000 - Definition and Description.
    BS EN 12150-2:2004 - Evaluation of conformity / product standard.
    BS EN 12600:2002 - Glass for use in buildings: pendulum test, impact test method and classification for flat glass.
  • Energy Saving Recommended Products certified by the Energy Saving Trust - Eco Diamond Window and Sliding Sash window.
  • MILA Hardware Certification - Approved Supplier / Installer of MILA 'Fearless' high security products.
  • MILA Certificate of Testing - Product testing performed to confirm enhanced security features.

At Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics, we are committed to the continuous improvement of all our double glazing windows and doors products.

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