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What a year for Safestyle Manufacturing!

A great year for Safestyle ManufacturingOut with old, in with the new! This has pretty much been the theme of 2009, and to cite Charles Darwin, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." That is how Safestyle survives and prospers.

2009 and has seen many changes and most have been hugely successful, but this is not as a result of "super-size brains" or creating a magic formula. This success is achieved by adopting a common sense approach to problem solving. Approach each and every project or problem in a structured manner and face the challenges head on. Irrespective of how difficult the decisions may be, the right decisions may not be the most popular ones but have to be taken anyway. Most importantly, we've had to ensure that every new process is embedded, which means involving and training the relevant people and putting in a robust control plan.

This year we have had some major wins for Safestyle double glazing, the Remake Project probably being the greatest. This comprised of a cross functional team from Installations, Service, Survey, the Factory and C.NT and together we finally achieved effective control where many previous attempts did not. The "Ultra Low" PVC Threshold, which has taken the usage of the Aluminium Threshold that was both expensive and under performing from an average of hundreds of doors per week right down to single figures. These are just two of many projects successfully completed, with plenty more on the horizon for 2010.

There is a tangible buzz of excitement in the factory about the New Year relating to the new Safestyle projects being rolled out. The project teams will be cross-functional and focusing on areas such as material waste, improvements in quality while at the same time maintaining exceptional customer service.

We are sure everyone joins us in hoping that the economic climate is turning and that the worst is behind us from a recession perspective, and we can look forward to increased volumes and a further gain of the market share for Safestyle.

We would like to wish everyone seasons greetings and look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

22 December 2009

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