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Your Windows Don't have to Shake, Rattle and Roll

Your Windows Don't have to Shake, Rattle and RollSafe Style manufacturing are excited about the numbers of people who have already taken advantage of our new sliding sash windows to improve the look of their home and help stop the shake, rattle and roll of their old sash windows.

Our new sash sliding window product line means that people don't have to alter the look of their home to have double glazing installed. Furthermore you won't have to make compromises on the aesthetic looks and unique character of your home if you want double glazed windows. In fact if you own a home in a more traditional style, you may find that you'll really want to keep as near to the original look of your old windows.

In the past this caused a real headache for many home owners, especially if their original window frames were rotten and had gaping holes in them. Of course this issue needed to be addressed and yet with very limited options many people found that they weren't able to fit double glazed windows to suit their properties. Safe Style manufacturing were very aware of the problems and, as we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of our competition, we actively instigated action to provide solutions.

With the latest technologies we have produced sash sliding windows to suit all styles of homes, we can even provide our customers with glass styled to suit them and their home beautifully. You can select the design and style of the products, and our technical surveyors will visit your house to take precise measurements of the needed windows or doors. We will then enter your order into our computer system and your order will be manufactured before you know it, ready for installation.

To uphold our vision of recycling when and wherever we can your old windows and doors will be recycled to reduce the environmental impact of our products even further. You'll be pleased to know that our packaging does not include glue or solvents that can exude hazardous gases into the atmosphere. So, not only will your new sliding sash windows help improve the look and energy efficiency of your home, but you can be content in the knowledge that your old windows will become part of the recycling chain and potentially be re-born into new products which meet the needs of the 21st century.

16 February 2012

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